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 Arasbaran earthquake memorial is a symbolic and conception of the tragic event of the Arasbaran earthquake in the cities of Ahar, Harris, Varzaghan, and the difficult moments of the affected people, depicting these areas and at the same time Iranian national unity in alleviating pain and pain. Each other in such a situation.

   The cube-shaped cube-shaped set represents the earth and material life that the earthquake razor has duplicated. Half elements are falling and the hearts of this world and half are affected by the suffering of the loss of loved ones and the damage caused by relying on their faith in the hope of a future and firm.

   The wall of time with dark color at the first glance of the time of the disaster at 16:53, the fracture and the constant of that time-out, relates to stopping time for the dead. The wall of the house is part of it falling and falling, and the other is wounded. And broken from disaster, despite the injury, relying on the wall of hope, is still standing up and sadly obsessed with its other piece. The dimensions of this wall are proportional to the dimensions of the carpet art in this area.

   The fragmentation of the body with jagged bodies and sharp lines throughout the pollen reflects fear and terror, the difficulty of dying the victims of the accident and the calamity of the catastrophe and, ultimately, the flight of the souls of the beloved into eternity.

   The element of hope, with its white and clay colors, though its inside and outside of the effects of the fractures and suffering of the noble and afflicted people of this border, is a solid foundation that reflects the resistance and majesty of the Arasbaran people throughout history. Inside sharp lines and broken lines, the debris and earthquake devastation works and stretches along the window of light and hope. In the outer part of the Islamic decoration and the mention of "لاحول ولا قوه إلا بالله العلی العظیم" on the body of the wall, the magnificence and power of God Almighty above all power and will. The stone on the platform, which has been used as a building material and used in most of the destroyed monuments in the earthquake, is a remnant of the psychological and physical effects and the devastation of this terrible catastrophe.

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